It’s time for our 2022 step challenge!

Get ready to take two million steps, together, for a chance to win our $5,000 grand prize!

The 2022 step challenge is here!
Walk across Asia

Submit Your Steps!

Top 10 Teams - Week 6

1 – Hippocampers – 4,794,973
2 – Born to Walk – 4,608,313
3 – Stroke Walking Divas – 4,317,065
4 – Pulsatillies – 4,087,276
5 – Soles on Fire – 3,605,183
6 – LEAD BY EXAMPLES – 3,601,570
7 – The A-Team (A being for Asia)! – 3,346,584
8 – Phase – 2 3,246,144
9 – Achilles Heals – 3,235,379
10 – Cardio Gems – 3,148,831

Registration: September 6 - September 29
Challenge dates: October 3 – November 13

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Walk across Asia is a six-week, team-based step challenge available to all team members, of all fitness levels. To participate in Walk across Asia, you must have a step tracker (FitBit, Apple Watch, iPhone Health app, etc.).

A: Only Maimonides Health employees.

A: Coordinate with co-workers and team members to form teams of six individuals. Once a team captain is designated, the team captain can sign up HERE. If you would like to join but do not have a team, please email Emma Jelliffe – [email protected] or Jaime Perez – [email protected]

A: To recruit additional team members, team captains can email Emma Jelliffe – [email protected] or Jaime Perez – [email protected] to find other team members.

A: Only team captains can submit steps. To report your steps, please take the following steps:

  1. Scroll Up to the ‘Submit Your Steps’ section or CLICK HERE.
  2. Fill out the required fields in the survey (team name, team member 1 walked steps, team member 2 walked steps etc. Submit.

Please Note: If there seems to be discrepancies or falsification in the number of steps walked, additional documentation may be requested. 

A: If a team captain leaves the team, the next person in “line” on the team becomes team captain. In order to dissolve the team, all members would need to leave the team.

A: To leave your team email Emma Jelliffe – [email protected] or Jaime Perez – [email protected] with your name and team name.

A: If your team of 6 reaches the final Asian destination by November 13th (meaning your team reaches the 2 million steps), your team will be entered into a raffle to win the cash prize. The winners are the result of a random draw.

Please Note: Anyone who meets the step challenge will be entered into the draw. There is no advantage for teams that exceed the 2 million steps.

A: The grand prize raffle drawing will be a virtual event, stay tuned for the date and details.

Additional Questions?
For any support, please email Emma Jelliffe – [email protected] or Jaime Perez – [email protected]