Where will 2 million steps take you?

Dust off your walking shoes and get ready! You’re invited to Walk to the Caribbean, our 2021 step challenge that gives you the chance to have fun, get active, and win a cash prize of $5,000 per team member!

It's time to walk to the Caribbean!

Teams of 6 will compete in a virtual  journey of 2 million steps throughout six Caribbean Islands by tracking their steps, while unlocking  remarkable destinations. The more  steps your team takes, the more  destinations you unlock.

All members of teams of 6 to reach the final island will qualify to win a cash prize of $5,000.

Top 10 Teams

Skull Crushers – 5,108,845
Stroke Walking Divas – 4,417,182
MIC U STRONG – 4,097,693
Five Star Angels – 3,737,454
Akathetics – 3,416,905
Catch Us If You Can – 3,084,341
The Pulsatillies – 2,902,193
Pirates of the Caribbean – 2,814,250
Not Fast and Very Furious – 2,807,973
Step it Up – 2,777,102

Exploring Tropical Destinations

Improve well-being, challenge yourself, have fun, be a team player and win a cash prize.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Walk to the Caribbean is a six-week, team-based step challenge available to all team members, of all fitness levels. To participate in Walk to the Caribbean, you must have a step tracker (FitBit, Apple Watch, iPhone Health app, etc.).

A: Only Maimonides employees. You must have a maimonidesmed.org email.

A: Coordinate with co-workers and team members to form teams of six individuals. Once a team captain is designated, the team captain can sign up HERE. If you would like to join but do not have a team, please email Nathaniel Perez [email protected] or Emma Jelliffe [email protected]

A: To recruit additional team members, team captains can email Nathaniel Perez [email protected] or Emma Jelliffe [email protected] to find other team members.

A: To report your steps, please take the following steps:

  1. Visit https://maimowellness.org/ and Scroll down to the Report Steps section.
  2. Fill out the required fields in the survey (team name, team member 1 walked steps, team member 2 walked steps etc. Submit.

Please Note: If there seems to be discrepancies or falsification in the number of steps walked, additional documentation may be requested.

A: If a team captain leaves the team, the next person in “line” on the team becomes team captain. In order to dissolve the team, all members would need to leave the team.

A: To leave your team email National Perez [email protected] or Emma Jelliffe [email protected] with your name and team name.

A: If your team of 6 reaches the final Caribbean Island by November 14th (meaning your team reaches the 2 million steps), your team will be entered into a raffle to win the cash prize. The winners are the result of a random draw.

Please Note: Anyone who meets the step challenge will be entered into the draw. There is no advantage for teams that exceed the 2 million steps.

A: The grand prize raffle drawing will be a virtual event, stay tuned for the date and details.

Additional Questions?
For any support, please email Nathaniel Perez [email protected] or Emma Jelliffe [email protected].